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So why choose AE Academy? So why choose AE Academy?

AE Academy is run by our Director Danielle Louise. Danielle has been in the industry for over 15 years and is extremely passionate about her career and the industry itself, with her wanting to ensure that the high standards the hair and beauty industry needs are maintained. Danielle never skips corners or tries to do things the fast way in which you will see for yourself when you sign up to AE Academy courses.

So, what sets Danielle and her AE Academy courses out from the rest of the academy’s out there? All Danielle’s courses are only made available once she herself is qualified and has been for a minimum of 6 months. Why is this? most insurance and accreditation providers require you to have held a qualification for a minimum of 6 months before you can legally teach. This is so you have the chance to perfect your skills and build on your knowledge and it’s something Danielle believes in. so, you will never find Danielle offering something that she has not been qualified in for 6 months or more. Unfortunately, you will find that a lot of academies do courses and start teaching a week or two later sometimes the very next day. This means not only is most accreditation invalid from this but it’s most likely that insurance policies will be invalid too. So, we think the question you need to ask yourself is “Do you want to be trained by someone who qualified very recently or someone who has been qualified for at least 6 plus months or more”?

So again, with Danielle being in the industry for around 15 + years, gaining her teaching qualification at Huddersfield University and also doing a voluntary teaching experience at Tameside College. During her two years at university, Danielle gained all the knowledge and skills to teach the best she can and create the best course content for her students.

All of the AE Academy courses have been prepared and put together by Danielle. Not only has she written a lot of the course content herself, but she has also purchased and subscribed to some of the top leading education sites around to ensure you are getting more than enough course content. This is also one of the reasons our AE Academy days are so popular as it gives you the chance to see some amazing videos from some of the best industry experts. The academy is subscribed too so you’re getting access to Danielle and the experts which is giving you a wider learning selection.

All of AE Academy courses are insured and accredited by your most trusted awarding bodies, in which Danielle is continually looking to add more to her courses to make them stand out from the rest.
One of our favourite reasons is the lifetime support and access to any new manuals or course content. This means that if you sign up today then in a year’s time Danielle decides to update the manuals or add any new course content you will always have access to the most current information. Via the links and the lifetime WhatsApp group chats. Think about it, how many times have you paid for something and a month or year later they bring it out again but even better and you’re secretly gutted. Well, this way you continually get the new and updated materials keeping you at the top of your game and your knowledge fresh.

AE Academy courses cannot be completed in a day. Yes, this may be sad news to those of you looking for a quick qualification but this is because Danielle strongly believes that all good things take time to perfect and she wants her students to be the best, to be perfect and to stand out from the crowd. We try not to put a time limit on our courses, giving you the flexibility to work at a pace to suit you and your circumstances. Most courses with one to two units will take a few months to complete on average. Other courses with 4 plus units taking up to 12 months to complete.  This is because the academy requires you to read manuals, complete workbooks, complete self-reflection throughout your course along with a minimum of 5 cases studies per unit. There is no getting qualified fast with AE Academy. We are about time and dedication to your new skill.

Yes, we know there are academies out there that offer day and evening courses where you are there for 3 to 5 hours and you’re qualified but AE Academy doesn’t believe this is the right way or the smart way to start your career. Make the right choice, choose us, choose knowledge, dedication and the support available to be the best you can be.
Our courses also give you the option to study online or with the option of you upgrading the course and attending an academy day with Danielle Louise herself. This is one of the most popular options and gets booked in advance depending on how many units the course has will depend on how many academy days are included. The best part is you can book on as many extra academy days as you want or need, any additional academy days are priced at £100 per day.

So, what do the courses include: Our AE Academy courses include the following, which is also the order you will complete them in:

1. Course confirmation letter

 2. Course terms and conditions (these need to be signed and sent back in order to receive the main course manuals)

3. Course delegates agreement (also needs to be signed and sent back)

 4. Course syllabus

 5. Course induction

 6. Reflective journal 

7. Model consent forms

 8. Consultation forms.

The below 9 to 15 will be sent via WhatsApp links once the terms and conditions have been signed and sent back via a picture of them signed.
9. Professional standards

 10.Anatomy and physiology

 11.Workbook 1

 12. Course manual and video link

 13.PowerPoint presentations

14.Workbook 2 

15.Charging for success calculator

 16.Live practical and written exams are booked with Danielle. Once you’re ready and all case studies for the unit have been completed.

Please note courses do vary slightly, full details are in the course syllabus. If you would like any more information before signing up please email

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