Aesthetics Services Coming Soon

We currently need models while laura completes her course and training!

So aesthetics it’s something that’s always been asked for in the salon and although we have tried to run clinic days with other companies they have never really worked out for any of us.

So we decided it was time to make it an investment for us a team so that we can offer it each day/evening or the week and weekend.

Laura has been on her course and studying for the a fair few weeks now and will soon need models to complete her practical side of the course. If anyone is interested in being a model then please let us know.

Once Laura has completed we will be having a launch day & evening in the salon, everyone will be invited and it’s a time for you to come and see what treatments she will be doing have a chance to speak to her and book in a free consultation and also take advantage of some amazing opening offers!

We have 100% confidence in Laura and that she will pass her course with flying colours!

Now for the important bit when will the aesthetics services be available?

We will be opening up bookings for aesthetics mid September and will be running the introductory offers till the end of November!

Our launch date is not yet confirmed but as soon as we have it in the dairy we will do another post and update all our socials so you don’t miss it

We hope you are all as excited as we are to now have aesthetics services as part of the day to day service the salon offers

Hope everyone is happy and we’ll see you in the salon soon

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