Our Website Is Back

Hey beautiful people

It’s Danielle and I thought I would pop a quick post on to let you know I’ve finally got round to getting the website back up and running! You will see the menu tab and probably notice that each page is fairly blank, this is just while I find my way back around the site and rebuild it back to how it used to be!

The make a booking page has a link you can click that takes us straight to our fresha booking app that you can book in at the salon with so feel free to use that I will make that page more interesting in due time!

Contact and find us page is the next one on my list along with the courses so you can start buying on line using our finance option such as payl8er, klarna and more! In the meantime feel free to drop me a message if you need any information!

But the main thing I’m excited about it to get this page your on now up and running every Monday I’m going to be starting the week with an update on what happening in the salon and academy what the students are up to and more! I will even post offers on here to!

Anyway it feels good to have the site live again and I’m ready to make the site look and feel amazing but most importantly be easy to use

Speak to you all soon love Danielle Louise

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