Lockdown Hair Ideas Part1

Hi everyone 🙂

I hope you not all going to crazy during this lockdown and are using it as time to refocus and rethink like I have 🙂

This video and my next video are literally two little videos to show you how you can use lots of different hair pieces in your hair to help hide your roots. Yes the bigger the hair piece the better as it will cover more of your head and hide more of those roots.

The styles are by no means neat or perfect as ive done them as quickly as possible with my hands through a ring light. Its just to give you an idea and some inspiration. over the next few days/weeks I will try to upload some full step by step tutorials for you.

So search that house and see what you have lying around that you can use to style your hair I actually used Sophia’s stuff (my 5month old baby girl) as I could not find anything of my own but be creative think outside the box!

If any of you come up with something super creative pop a comment and picture below and share with the rest of us

Don’t forget I am also avaible for video calls and messages for anyone that needs any extra support to help with their hair during lockdown .

Stay safe and speak to you all again tomorrow.

[ytplayer id=2221]

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