Remove Your Nanos 💇‍♀️

So we did our previous post a couple of days ago about how to remove your weave 🙌

Now we have posted how to remove your nano hairextentions this method can also be used with micro beads too! These are the beads that are slighty bigger than nano beads.

Like we said in our previous post we care about your hair and hairextentions and this is all we can offer as help until the government allow us to reopen 🙏

This is another one of our AE Academy training videos. This is a guide to help you remove the hair extensions if they are becoming matted or grown out to much , as if you leave them in it can caus damage to your hair which we don’t want.

Again this is better to get someone to do this on you.

Remember I am available for video calls during lockdown if anyone needs any help

[ytplayer id=1943]

So equipment you need are hairextention plires. You can get these on eBay for around £5.

Sectioning clips again you can get these of eBay for £1-4 depending on how many in a pack

So here are the steps to follow with the video

◽Start at either the top or bottom where ever you feel more comfortable. (Some say it’s easier to start from the bottom row and work your way up.)

◽Take your pliers and one nano or micro bead hairextentions and place the pliers on the bead.

◽ Gently squeeze the bead untill you feel some slight movement

◽See if the hair extension will now be out of not gently squeeze the bead again.

◽One hair extension comes out then slide the bead out of the hair aswell.

◽Repeat the above steps on each one on that row

◽Once each one along the row has been removed take your tangle teaser and starting from the ends of your hair brush out any Knott’s or matting. Work your way up to the roots

◽If started from the top take a clip and pin this hair out of the way to work on your next row. If starting from the bottom take your next row down.

❗ Important❗do not be heavy handed with the pliers and squeeze the bead back shut this can caus the bead to break and crumble in the hair which can caus the hair to snap. You just need to feel for a slight release/movement of the bead.

◽once you have removed all your hair extensions try to hold them all ligned up from the metal tip (rubber tip of beautyworks) tie a bobble round the top and brush them all through from ends to roots.

◽if you can plait them and tie at the bottom too this will help to protect them untill we can refit them for you 🙌

I really hope this will help alot of you take care of your hair and hairextentions while we are in lockdown. If you need any help or assistance please pop me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will help in any way I can

See you soon and please take care ❤️

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