Remove your weave 💇‍♀️

Hi everyone we really are missing you all in the salon, and we really hope this is all over soon and we can reopen 🙏

In the meantime I wanted to share with you how to remove a sew-in weave or what a lot of you know it as an La Weave.

We care about your hair and your hairextentions so we are trying what we can to help you until the government allow us to reopen.

So we have attached one of our AE Academy training videos. This is to help you remove your weave especially if it’s becoming matted or grown out way to much 😔

Now please please please get someone to do this with you🙏 Don’t try it on your own as you will probably end up cutting your own hair and we really don’t want that 😭

I am happy to video call anyone who needs help over the next few weeks 🙌

[ytplayer id=1514]

All you need is ……

▪️A pair of small pliers

▪️A small pair of scissors or a thread/sewing stitch unpicker, both of which are shown in our youtube video attached.

If you don’t have a thread unpicker you can order them of eBay for around £1.99 for a pack of them.

You can also get hair extension pliers off eBay for around £5

And again please use small scissors do not use big ones as you will risk cutting your own hair.

So now follow the below steps

▫️Once you have chosen what tool you want to use you need to start at one end of the weave.

▫️Look for where the thread starts and place the chosen tool underneath the thread making sure no hair is with it. As you will see in the video ive moved each tool around to show just the string and no hair.

▫️Once you have only string either cut with scissors or pull if using an unpicking tool

▫️Repeat this step all the way along that row

▫️The hair extension weave should just slide away leaving you with just beads attached to the hair like in the video above

▫️Take your set of pliers and gently squeeze the bead till it opens enough to slide out of the hair

▫️Repeat this with all beads on that row

▫️Once all beads have been removed on that row take a comb or tangle teaser and starting at the bottom of your hair (ends) start to remove any knots, matting ect. Slowly move up the length of your hair till all removed.

▫️Repeat all the above steps for each row.

▫️Once all hair has been removed brush each row of hair extensions from ends to roots put all rows together and plait them if you can and tie with a bobble.

This will help to keep them protected until we can refit them for you 🙌

I really hope this will help a lot of you and if you need me pop me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will be more than happy to help in any way I can 😊

See you all soon, stay safe, stay home

Danielle Louise

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